Expert knowledge is indispensable. It is no longer enough to have a little knowledge of many areas, without being aware of the nuances. You need specialists. Ardent has a team of specialist lawyers with extensive expertise in many different areas of law, and who, together, represent over 200 years of experience. Moreover, our lawyers collaborate closely across their own areas of expertise, because a solution often requires a broader view across the bounds of their own particular area of expertise. More than ever before, this makes Ardent the complete legal partner for large and small companies.

Business Law

Every entrepreneur or company prefers to focus on the products and or services it sells, the core business of the company. That is what companies and their staff are good at....

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Company Law

From the right choice of company form to the transfer of your company, and any shareholders disputes in between; sooner or later, you the entrepreneur, will come into contact with...

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Property/Real Estate Law

Property is an important part of our economy and of our daily life. Property/real estate is often one of the most valuable assets of both companies and private persons. Each...

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Banking and Finance Law

Money is the oil of the economic machine. Banking and Finance Law lays down the rules for service providers and users for paying, saving, borrowing/lending and investing. It also contains...

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Labour and Social Security Law

A company’s employees are often its main asset. For many people, their pay is their main source of income. So Labour and Social Security Law are important to nearly everyone....

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Liability and Insurance Law

Liability and Insurance Law are related to nearly all areas of social life, of private persons and entrepreneurs: an accident between cars, water damage in the home, a pedestrian  ...

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Consumer Law

As a consumer in the EU, you enjoy huge protection in the purchase of goods and services. Consumer Law, which is strongly guided by European law, lays down the rules...

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Family and Estate Law

Assets are often acquired in a family context. Changes to this context, such as marriage, divorce, children, death, etc. can have major consequences for these assets.

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