Business Law

Every entrepreneur or company prefers to focus on the products and or services it sells, the core business of the company. That is what companies and their staff are good at. However, society is becoming increasingly complex, and entrepreneurs and their companies are facing more and more laws. A number of aspects must be properly laid down within a company, in order to protect rights and achieve clarity.

Ardent is there to relieve you of this burden, so your company can do what it is good at. We have wide-ranging experience in the area of Business Law, both in providing advice on contracts, forms of partnership, take-overs or impending disputes, and in assisting with any court proceedings you may be obliged to institute in order to be proved right, or in which you become involved.

The lawyers we employ have experience in the divers aspects and components of Business Law, and are themselves entrepreneurs. They understand your concerns as an entrepreneur, and are therefore able to provide practical advice. So, no long-winded advice, just practical work together with you!

Ardent has wide-ranging expertise in Business Law, and is therefore the complete legal partner for companies.

Commercial contracts

  • drafting model or customised contracts together with you,
  • explanation of contracts in order to recognise and adapt legal risks,
  • assistance in negotiations for important contracts for your companies,
  • enforcement of your contractual rights or defence against wrongful claims of your trading partners,
  • etc.

Market practices

  • taking action against unfair competition,
  • vetting of advertising campaigns,
  • etc.

Distribution Law

  • (commercial) agents
  • (non-)exclusive distributors (concessionaries, distributors, etc.)
  • franchising
  • etc.


  • collection of invoices
  • taking conservatory measures to guarantee payment of your invoices (via,  amongst others, attachment of bank accounts, etc.)

Intellectual Property Law (IP)

  • copyrights
  • trademarks
  • patents
  • etc.

Data protection & privacy (GDPR)

  • assistance with implementing GDPR in your company,
  • training of staff or key persons within your company,
  • etc.

Companies in difficulties (reorganisation)

  • assistance of companies in difficulties,
  • protection against creditors and seizures,
  • commencement and assistance with judicial reorganisation procedures, etc.
  • etc.


  • acting as trustee,
  • assistance with the bankruptcy procedure (and assistance and advising of entrepreneurs in the period prior to bankruptcy)
  • defending your interests as the bankrupt party or director/business manager of a bankrupt party,
  • defence of your interests as creditor or debtor in bankruptcies,
  • the rights of personal guarantors in the event of bankruptcy,

Do you have any questions about business law?

If so, please contact one of our lawyers with expertise in business law:

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