Consumer Law

As a consumer in the EU, you enjoy huge protection in the purchase of goods and services. Consumer Law, which is strongly guided by European law, lays down the rules for contacts between consumers and entrepreneurs.

For you as a consumer, especially for items of a relatively lower value, it is important to obtain good advice on your rights and options quickly, so that, where necessary, you can enforce your rights in person and at low cost, e.g. via a company’s customer service department, an ombudsman service, or a different service for the amicable settlement of consumer disputes. Ask us for a fixed price for brief advice on your rights and how best to enforce them. You can also call upon us for help if your claim is being ignored, and you need help enforcing it, if necessary, in court.

Consumer Law may be important for consumers, however it’s also important for you as an entrepreneur who provides these goods and services. Especially for entrepreneurs, B2C contracts require extra vigilance during drafting and for performance and enforcement. Indeed, Consumer Law often provides more duties than rights for entrepreneurs.

The experts at Ardent Advocaten advise, assist and represent entrepreneurs and consumers with, amongst others, the following particular aspects of Consumer Law:

  • B2C contracts, including the drafting and revision, in the light of Consumer Law protection rules, of, amongst others:
    • general terms and conditions for purchase or services
    • special contracts with consumers (purchase, rental, lease, services, etc.)
    • guarantee conditions
    • etc.
  • Disputes between consumers and companies
    • purchase of products in shops or showrooms (consumer purchases)
    • purchase of products on the internet or by telephone (distance purchases)
    • purchases on your doorstep, in the street, or for instance, on a coach trip (door-to-door selling)
    • conclusion or cancellation of subscriptions or contracts
    • guarantees and concealed flaws
  • Tourism and Travel Law

Tourism and Travel Law

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Disputes with companies

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Do you have any questions about consumer law?

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