Liability and Insurance Law

Liability and Insurance Law are related to nearly all areas of social life, of private persons and entrepreneurs: an accident between cars, water damage in the home, a pedestrian


who suffers an injury, fire damage, damage due to construction work, an employee who suffers an industrial accident …

Moreover, Liability and Insurance Law intercepts with various different areas of law. Take for example:

  • an estate agent sued due to problems during the sale of a property
  • the business manager of a company alleged to have committed errors
  • a building management committee which fails to act promptly in the event of an urgent repair
  • an employee who causes an accident when driving a car belonging to his employer outside his working hours
  • a building company which causes damage to a neighbouring house when carrying out work
  • settlement of traffic accidents, both in Civil procedures (compensation of damage and liability dispute) and in the context of criminal defence in a magistrates court
  • etc.

An accident or event of damage can have drastic consequences, so it’s vital to have proper assistance and settlement. If you are involved in an accident or event of damage, you should know your rights and options, not only in the event of legal proceedings, but also in the context of an out-of-court phase. Our specialist Liability and Insurance Law lawyers will help you every step of the way.

We advise and represent a few major insurance companies and insurance agents, but we also help entrepreneurs, private persons, insurance holders, insured parties, perpetrators and victims with, amongst others:

  • liability disputes
  • criminal law defence relating to traffic accidents
  • filing claims for compensation
  • follow-up of problems with insurance cover
  • the settlement of claims and estimation of damage, for large and small damage claims

Do you have any questions about liability and insurance law?

If so, please contact one of our lawyers with expertise in liability and insurance law:

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