Ardent operates internationally

It’s a small world. So it’s very likely that your activities or those of your company will cross national borders. International legal proceedings, Company Law cases and arbitration, etc. We can also help you with these.

Ardent is a member of Cicero, a world-wide network of highly reputable law firms. Unlike many other international networks, Cicero admits only one law firm per country, so the quality of its services can be closely monitored. Membership of this network also allows us to provide our familiar top-quality services for you in matters abroad.

Our cicero-network

With offices in Antwerp, Herentals and Mechelen, Ardent is firmly anchored in the broader region of Antwerp and the Kempen. Thanks to geographic, cultural and linguistic reasons our region has for many years had close and particular ties with the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, in addition to Cicero, we have worked closely with Berg Jeths Advocaten in Eindhoven for over 25 years.

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