Rates and Formulas

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”– Dave Ramsey

Legal advice has its price. We provide the best possible advice, and make sure the price is clearly made known to you in advance. Wherever possible, we prefer to work on the basis of a fixed price or a retainer formula. Only when this is not possible or sensible, do we work at an hourly rate. So, we will give you an advance estimate, and periodic updates on the budget for your dossier.

Our transparent price arrangements help you to manage your budget, so you can focus on your core tasks carefree. See the possibilities below, and please contact us if you have any further questions.

Retainer Formulas

Depending on your strategy and aims, a retainer formula can be the best solution for managing your budget.

Discover our ”legal outsourcing” services, through which we place our experienced lawyers at your disposal, for a specific period and at a fixed rate, so your company gains in-house support, and you can continue to focus fully on your core tasks.

In addition, we also offer you specific SME retainers, which allow you to benefit from very comprehensive services for a fixed price. We can also provide a Collection Retainer for the efficient handling of your debtors.

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Fixed Price (fixed fee)

Most lawyers still work virtually exclusively with hourly rates. At Ardent we think differently about this, because we understand that you, quite rightly, wish to know what the legal services will cost you. The time of the traditional invoiced hour is past.

To avoid surprises and to keep your legal costs within budget, we prefer wherever possible to work on the basis of a fixed price (fixed fee) which is discussed and agreed in writing with you in advance.

See below a few concrete examples of the services we can provide for you at a fixed price.

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Hourly Rate

Only if this is useful for you and for us, or if the nature of the case requires it, we will work at an hourly rate. For complex transactions or complicated disputes, it is often impossible to predict the time to be spent on a case, so the hourly rate is the most suitable method.

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