Fixed Price (fixed fee)

Most lawyers still work virtually exclusively with hourly rates. At Ardent we think differently about this, because we understand that you, quite rightly, wish to know what the legal services will cost you. The time of the traditional invoiced hour is past.

To avoid surprises and to keep your legal costs within budget, we prefer wherever possible to work on the basis of a fixed price (fixed fee) which is discussed and agreed in writing with you in advance.

See below a few concrete examples of the services we can provide for you at a fixed price.

You receive a proposed contract from a (potential) client or supplier. On the basis of a copy of the contract and a brief consultation, we give you a fixed price for the intended contract analysis. We analyse the contract, point out the clauses which are detrimental or risky for you, and advise you how to adapt or add specific clauses in order to strengthen your legal position. The price fixed for such contract analysis depends on, amongst others, the size of the contract, the complexity of the subject matter, and the desired speed of the legal advice.

A client or a Judicial Officer claims payment of a considerable debt, which due to certain circumstances you are not immediately able to pay. You send us a copy of the claims, indicating what you are able to pay. For a fair, fixed price, we request deferment of payment for you, and have this drawn up in writing. The price of this deferment of payment depends on, amongst others, the value of the claims, the complexity of the subject matter, the body or court due to handle the claims, and the urgency. A request for deferment of payment is available from as little as € 250.

You wish to assess correctly the chances of success of possible court proceedings or a possible appeal, before you spend any more money. Or, you wish to obtain a second (independent) opinion, in addition to the advice of your lawyer, before making a decision. Do not hesitate to contact us for this. In exchange for a pre-agreed price, we will  provide well-founded advice on your chances of success, or give you a second opinion.

If you would like yourself and your employees to receive training on one or more legal matters forming part of our extensive expertise, our specialist lawyers will, together with you, devise the programme (ranging from a few hours to a full day), provide the necessary documentation and organise the training. Training can take place either on your premises, or at one of our branches. All of this for a fixed price. For a training course in a specific area of expertise, contact one of our lawyers specialising in that area of expertise.