Hourly Rate

Unless agreed otherwise in writing (e.g. retainer or fixed price), the fee for services is charged on an hourly basis. The hourly rate varies according to, amongst others, the experience of the lawyer, the complexity of the subject matter and the urgency of the case. The rate is agreed at the start of the case.

Secretariat costs and other office costs borne by us will be charged on top of the fee.

If we advance specific costs and expenses (such as translation costs, notary’s fees, judicial officer’s fees and costs, travel expenses and other advanced costs), we will invoice these separately.

For more information on the hourly rate please see Our General Terms and Conditions.


“Capped Fee”

For certain services we can guarantee that our fees and costs will not exceed a set maximum (or cap). An hourly rate will be charged, but you can be sure that the total cost will not exceed a specific amount.


“No Cure, Pay Less”

“No cure, no pay” is prohibited in Belgium. However, we can arrange for you to pay less if the case does not end well for you (“no cure, pay less”) or for you to pay more (a success fee) if your case is concluded with a favourable result (“cure and pay more”). We then bear part of the procedural risk together with you.