Retainer Formulas

Does your company suddenly need temporary in-house legal support? Or do you wish to strengthen your legal department temporarily for a specific project, take-over, reorganisation, negotiations, or simply in order to supervise and organise your day-to-day legal activities, such as contract management and debtor management? Or do you require wide-ranging legal support, but do not wish to take on a full-time or part-time legal employee?

Ardent has the solution. We place our experienced lawyers at your disposal for a specific period, and at a fixed agreed rate. Your company gains the in-house support of our specialists, so you can continue to focus on your core tasks.

Legal outsourcing provides many advantages. You bring in excellent legal expertise when you need it, and this is extremely cost efficient. Moreover, our seconded lawyers are and remain lawyers, which means, amongst others, that they are bound by professional secrecy. So, discretion is always guaranteed.


If you are interested in our legal outsourcing services, be sure to contact our office without obligation. We will work out a tailor-made proposal based on your specific requirements.

You are an SME with no need of a permanent legal advisor. Wherever possible, you prefer to resolve legal issues yourself, out of court, and without the assistance of a lawyer. You hesitate to put even minor legal questions to a lawyer, due to the unpredictability of the costs.

However, on occasion, when taking legally-complex or major decisions, in the event of problems with awkward clients or suppliers, the imminent dismissal of an employee, an impending situation of contractual conflict, etc., you would like to be able to consult with an experienced legal advisor, who is familiar with your company, and will quickly reach the right decision with you.

Ardent has developed Special Retainer Formulas specifically for SMEs, in order to meet your needs. For a reasonable, fixed, yearly price you can have a direct line to our specialists and benefit from a comprehensive package of services.

Our SME retainers include an extensive introductory consultation to allow us to get to know you, your company, your employees, your needs and aims. Depending on your needs, we can also provide a legal audit of your company, to detect legal risks and expose any issues.

A pre-set, yearly number of hours of telephone advice and consultation is foreseen for you and your employees. You and your employees can have all of your legal and strategy questions answered quickly within this budget. If more advice is required or more complex questions arise, in a specific year, you can benefit from a reduced hourly rate.

In short: there are only advantages. Let us sum them up for you:

  • No financial surprises
  • A direct line to your own trusted specialists
  • Extensive introductory consultation
  • Option of a legal audit
  • All advice, consultation and assistance up to a pre-fixed number of hours per year
  • Economic hourly rate for other work
  • Online access to your advice dossier, allowing you to keep track of contacts and monitor your budget at any time
  • Periodic follow-up consultation

Contact us to find the best retainer formula for your company. SME retainers are available from as little as € 1,500 per year.

It’s virtually inevitable, sooner or later your company will be faced with defaulters and unpaid debts. Although debtor management is not one of your core activities, the dangers posed by defaulters should not be underestimated. Large outstanding invoice amounts, or a large number of unpaid invoices can, over time, cause your company to end up in financial difficulties.

Ardent provides the right solution for you. Our specialist collection department ensures that your unpaid invoices and claims are collected resolutely and quickly. We take over the entire collection procedure, from the first warning letter to the summons (failing voluntary payment), and all necessary procedural steps, in order, following a court judgment, to actually recuperate your invoice sums including legal costs.

We offer you tailor-made Collection Retainers, with very reasonable fixed rates, so you can precisely estimate the return on your investment. Our main approach is to limit the cost price of the collection process for you, as much as possible, and, if possible, reduce it to zero. Indeed, wherever possible, we strive to have the debtor pay the collection costs.

Our collection retainers offer numerous other advantages. As speed and efficiency are extremely important in collection dossiers, Ardent has set up a privileged partnership with a few specialist Judicial Officers, to create a direct line and have your collection dossiers dealt with in the quickest manner, both at the start and the close of a procedure (seizure and execution).

Moreover, we also provide you, the collection client, the option of direct access to your collection dossiers, via our client portal, so you can monitor the current status of your dossiers at any time.

If you are looking for an efficient and professional collection partner, contact us, without obligation. We will work out a tailor-made collection retainer for you.