Waarom Ardent

Clear advice

Legal problems are often complex and time-consuming. They cloud your thinking and get in the way of your company’s day-to-day operation. Each legal problem is unique and requires a unique approach. And it is this unique approach which characterises Ardent, and makes it different from the others.

We speak your language. Long-winded legal opinions full of obscure language and unnecessary legal jargon are of no use to you. We will provide you with practical, clear advice that is always ‘’to the point’’.

But make no mistake! Absolute professionalism and excellent legal knowledge form the cornerstone of our service. We enthusiastically examine your dossier, right down to the smallest details, in order to form a very precise, nuanced legal analysis.

We then translate this legal analysis into clear, practical, usable advice so you can take decisions with full knowledge of the facts, and are able to continue to focus on your essential business.

“You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” (Steve Jobs).


Expert knowledge is indispensable. It is no longer enough to have a little knowledge of many areas, without being aware of the nuances. You need specialists. Ardent has a team of specialist lawyers with extensive expertise in many different areas of law, and who, together, represent over 200 years of experience. Moreover, our lawyers collaborate closely across their own areas of expertise, because a solution often requires a broader view across the bounds of their own particular area of expertise. More than ever before, this makes Ardent the complete legal partner for large and small companies.

Passion for your Case

Every entrepreneur knows that success in business is dependent on an ability to take risks, perseverance in spite of countless setbacks, and boundless energy and inspiration. However, the source of this energy, perseverance and inspiration is passion.

Passion is the experience of intense, positive feelings. Passion motivates us and brings out the best in us. Passion is what distinguishes excellence from mediocrity.

Ardent’s lawyers have over 200 years of combined experience, and are specialists in their own fields. This vast experience and expertise is a major asset for any client. However, expertise and experience alone are not enough. It is our passion for your case that makes the difference. Without passion, experience and expertise are purposeless tools. Experience and expertise mean nothing if they are applied without the proper enthusiasm for your case.

Our drive to serve you and your case means that, each day, we ensure that:

  • we are very easy to contact,
  •  you are not just a number, and your case will be given the personal approach it deserves,
  •  your questions will be dealt with precisely and quickly,
  • you can always expect clear, honest advice regarding your chances of success,
  • we stand by you, in good times and bad, regardless of the outcome of your case,
  • you know that your interests will always be defended in the best possible manner,
  • you will recommend us to your family and friends.

Ardent means “intensely devoted, eager and enthusiastic”. It comes from the Latin verb “ardere”, meaning “to burn, to be firey”.

That’s why we are proud to bear our name.

“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless” (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Rates and Formulas

Legal advice has its price. We provide the best possible advice, and make sure the price is clearly made known to you in advance. Wherever possible, we prefer to work on the basis of a fixed price or a retainer formula. Only when this is not possible or sensible, do we work at an hourly rate. So, we will give you an advance estimate, and periodic updates on the budget for your dossier.

Our transparent price arrangements help you to manage your budget, so you can focus on your core tasks carefree.

Ardent operates internationally

It’s a small world. So it’s very likely that your activities or those of your company will cross national borders. International legal proceedings, Company Law cases, arbitration, etc.  We can also help you with these.

Ardent is a member of Cicero, a world-wide network of highly-reputable legal firms. Unlike many other international networks, Cicero admits only one legal firm per country, so the quality of its services can be closely monitored. Membership of this network also allows us to provide our familiar top-quality services for you in matters abroad.

With offices in Antwerp, Herentals and Mechelen, Ardent is firmly anchored in the broader region of Antwerp and the Kempen. Thanks to geographic, cultural and linguistic reasons our region has for many years had close and particular ties with the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, in addition to Cicero, we have worked closely with Berg Jeths Advocaten in Eindhoven for over 25 years.